CBD gummy bears


  • 10mg per piece
  • Pure CBD isolate
  • Zero THC
  • Flavors: raspberry, strawberry, lemon, orange, & pineapple
  • 10 ct or 25 ct bottles available

Dank Gummies


Dank Gummies Buy Dank Gummies Europe We craft each gummy with all-natural flavours to provide a non-artificial experience. Also, these gummies taste exactly like the fruit they are flavour with! Never again will you have to choke down that gross medicine-flavoured edible with Mikro. Not only are they flavourful, but these edibles are precisely dose...

Gummy Clusters


Rainbow NERDS surround fruity, gummy centers. Those sweet little sparks are fantastic inventors. A poppable cluster, packed with tangy, crunchy NERDS. A candy so tasty, there aren’t even words.

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