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Top view in this week

Watermelon and Cherry


Watermelon and Cherry get tasty high marks. They’re two of the best kinds of sweet little sparks. Watermelon is crunchy and full of sweet flavor while cherry is tart with a taste you can savor.

Rainbow Rope


Rainbow NERDS on a chewy, fruity string. Those sweet little sparks, all together they swing. A tasty rope, packed with crunchy, sweet NERDS. A candy so tasty, there aren’t even words.

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What Is Edible Cannabis?

Firstly Edible cannabis products (edibles for short) are products containing cannabinoids that you eat or drink.

Secondly, Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in cannabis that can affect your mind and body when consumed.

Thirdly THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a cannabinoid that makes an individual euphoric and intoxicated (or high).

Daily Deal Of The Day

Sourz Grape (200mg THC)


  • Total: 200mg THC per package
  • 10 candies / 20mg THC per piece
  • Dosage Instructions: Start with 1 candy and wait approximately 1 hour before eating more.
  • Storage: Keep these edibles stored in a dry and cold area.
  • Ingredients: Fruit Puree, Pectin, Sugar, Citric Acid, Cannabis Oil

Available 56

Gummy Clusters


Rainbow NERDS surround fruity, gummy centers. Those sweet little sparks are fantastic inventors. A poppable cluster, packed with tangy, crunchy NERDS. A candy so tasty, there aren’t even words.

Available 68

Wedding Cake Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge


Our Wedding Cake Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge makes an ideal accompaniment to laid-back social gatherings, weekend getaways, or just chilling out at home. Compatible with any 510 threaded battery.

Available 32



Medical Benefits of Gelato

This powerful Hybrid strain can off medical marijuana patients relief from some mild- to moderate conditions and symptoms.
  • Medical cannabis consumers often turn to Gelato for relief from moderate aches and pains
  • Anyone who needs an appetite boost will love this purple-speckled bud. This flower is known to cause a bad case of the munchies in a hurry
  • Many also find this strain useful for insomnia and stress conditions

Available 62

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 Most top shelf weed for sale online as medicine that is medical cannabis or medical marijuana  has the same ingredients as the cannabis that people use for pleasure (Recreational Weed).how to buy weed online Cannabis plants have many chemicals, known as Cannabinoids. The two main ones are THC and CBD contents.

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BUY ZKITTLES WEED ONLINE UK   Buy Zkittles weed online  , sometimes also spelled Skittlez or just Skittles, is an indica-dominant hybrid that erupts with fruit flavor. The creation of Northern California-based collective Dying Breed Seeds. This strain is descended from fruity indica. Favorite Grape Ape and tangy sativa Grapefruit. Skittles combines the mental and...

Super Sour Diesel


DESCRIPTION Buy sour diesel online Taking after its popular parents, Super Sour Diesel is one incredible sativa. A potent cross between Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, Super Sour Diesel knocks out stress and pain while fostering creativity and euphoria. In true sativa form, Super Sour Diesel energizes, making it great for daytime use. New...

Super Silver Haze


DESCRIPTION Super Silver Haze comes on fast and hard. Though this strain is joyful and uplifting overall, this mind-bender packs a sativa punch. Stimulating and euphoric, Super Silver Haze can inspire a room full of smiles and silly banter. However, this strain also has a serious side. This skunky flower can fight stress and fatigue...

Super Lemon Amnesia Haze


Sativa-dominant (60%)

Sour Diesel


Genetics Sour Diesel cannabis strain is a cross of Original Diesel and unknown Skunk phenotype. Sour Diesel, sometimes abbreviated as Sour D, is an extremely popular strain, distinguished by the fuel-like chemical smell of its flowers.

Purple Lemon Haze


A Sativa-dominant hybrid of the classic Purps and the infamous Lemon Haze (Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze).

Pineapple Express


Pineapple Express combines the potent and flavorful forces of parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. The smell is likened to fresh apple and mango, with a taste of pineapple, pine, and cedar. This hard-hitting sativa-dominant hybrid provides a long-lasting energetic buzz perfect for productive afternoons and creative escapes.

Perma Frost


DESCRIPTION Among the most famous strains worldwide is White Widow, a balanced hybrid first bred in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds. A cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and a resin-heavy South Indian indica,  White Widow has blessed every Dutch coffee shop menu since its birth in the 1990s. Its buds are white with crystal resin, warning you of the potent effects...

OG kush


WHERE TO BUY OG KUSH ONLINE where to Buy OG kush online is a legendary strain with a name that has recognition even outside of the cannabis world. Despite its fame, though, its exact origins remain a mystery. Some claim that it’s a cross between staple Chemdawg and a hardy Hindu Kush landrace. It’s also...

Nepal Jam



Aka: Nepal Jam. Genetics: Jamaican ’85 and Nepalese strains

Average THC / CBD Level

  • 16.00/18.00% THC
  • —/—% CBD
  • —/—% CBN

Lemon Cheesecake Thai


DESCRIPTION Lemon Cheesecake Thai is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Lemon Cheesecake X Lemon Thai strains. This bud brings on the delicious classic flavor with hints of fresh cream and sweet spicy lemon. The aroma is of fresh skunk and lemons with a touch of spicy lemongrass and herbs....

Kerala Kush


May Relieve Cramps, Depression,Fatigue, Migraines,Nausea, PTSD Flavors Fruity, Herbal, Spicy, Sweet, Vanilla Aromas Fruity, Spicy, Sweet

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THC Juice OG Kush


Buy Ok Kush THC Vape Juice Online Australia Buy OG Kush Juice Australia One of the most popular cannabis strains and most sought after in California. Genetics has always been somewhat of a mystery. It has been rumored to start from some bag seed out of Florida and later cultivated in California by breeders. This...

THC E-Liquid Lemon Haze 4ml


Buy THC Vape Juice Online Ireland Order THC Vape Juice Online Ireland Buy Nicotine Vape Juice Online Ireland Buy Vape Juice Online Dublin. Warning! THC Percentage = 80% Order THC Vape Juice Online Ireland Buy Vape Juice Online Dublin. Lemon Haze has a distinct smell and taste of fresh lemon peel with hints of skunk....



Buy THC Vape Juice Online Denmark Order THC Vape Online Denmark Buy Vape Oil Online Norway Where To Buy THC Vape Juice In Europe. Buy THC Vape Juice Online Denmark Order THC Vape Online Denmark Buy Vape Oil Online Norway Where To Buy THC Vape Juice In Europe. RY4 vape juice has an enjoyable rich...


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BUY BAREWOODS  ONLINE DESCRIPTION buy pre-rolls online Structure: Dense flowers that possess traditional Indica qualities and an oily sheen. Glimmers of burnt orange hairs lie in a nest of neon green and deep purple .buy barewoods online Buy cannabis online italy Buy weed online Norway Order marijuana in Ukraine cannabis delivery Ireland Massive trichomes create...



  WHERE TO BUY DANKWOODS ONLINE Where to buy dankwoods online Structure: Dense flowers that possess traditional Indica qualities and an oily sheen. Glimmers of burnt orange hairs lie in a nest of neon green and deep purple. Massive trichomes create a gritty and sand paper texture when the plant is alive. Aroma: Heavy fruit...

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